Tsunami Survivor Fund to Save Miyagi

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We have made so many meaningful connections through this process,and remain committed to helping people find information regarding missing people. Please contact tsunamisurvivorfund@gmail.com to have a link added here.

Remembering Taylor Anderson


As we mourn the first reported American casualty in this disaster, Canon's friend Taylor Anderson, let's remember "“She was living the life that she always wanted and she was getting to know a culture she was always fascinated with”.  


Hear from her parents about her here >

Donate in her name >

Buy "Kenunie & the Magic Key" and 1/3rd Proceeds Go to Our Fund!


Our friends Caroline & Laurie Hart reach out with disaster relief expertise and goodwill to help our fund with funds from their environmentally inspiring children's book.

Buy Kanunie and The Magic Key

Remembering Montgomery Dickson

Rikuzentakata's English teacher Monty-san's body was found almost two weeks after the tsunami. We're so sad for his family, but thankful that they were able to find him and have closure.

Read more here >

Huge list of charities, big and small

Our friend former English Teacher Jen 'Hibari-sensei' Wang has compiled an impressive list of charities from around the world on her blog! The list includes the Japanese Red Cross, private family funds, as well as Pop Culture icons like Lady Gaga and Linkin Park who have created merchandise to help the efforts.

Check it out here >
The Fruit Tree Project

Paul Yoo, an Akita Prefecture JET, has formed a plan to bring much needed fresh fruit to evacuation centers. He'll be leaving on April 29th, so please donate today to help him.

More information here >
Smile Kids Japan - Tohoku Kids' Project

Smile Kids Japan and Living Dreams have joined forces to tackle that question and provide specific, effective solutions. Their project, Smiles & Dreams: Tohoku Kids’ Project, will work to support children’s homes (orphanages) affected by the disaster.

Read more here >
Second Harvest works tirelessly for Tohoku

Second Harvest, a charity-based food bank, was one of the first to respond to the disaster and is still working on the ground.

Read their story and see how to get involved >

See some of their efforts in Ishinomaki here >
Students Rebuild - Paper Cranes for Japan

Students Rebuild partnered with DoSomething.org, to ensure students worldwide have a way to support their Japanese peers. These simple yet powerful gestures will trigger a $200,000 donation from the Bezos Family Foundation - $2 for each crane received - to Architecture for Humanity's reconstruction efforts in Japan.

Get involved here >
Teachers for Japan

Many former and current English teachers who lived in Japan are banding together to help their beloved Tohoku. Their focus is education, helping both the Board of Educations and the students and their families.

Learn More >
Breun Family Japanese Relief Fund

Fellow ALT Patty Breun and her family lived in Motoyoshi, a beach-front town north of Minamisanriku. While their family and friends are thankfully safe, Motoyoshi was hit hard. They started this fund to help their friends and students.

More information here >
Author Stuart Stutzman's Donations

Stutzman will donate profits from his two books, Bipolar Summer and Hipster Chick, to the Japan-America Society of Dallas-Fort Worth Sendai Relief Fund.

Buy them here >
Minamisanriku's City Donations Page (Japanese)

If you're in Japan, you can donate directly to the city.
Donate here >
Sendai Earthquake Friends & Family Link (Facebook group)

A great place to start for information and support for charity and volunteer efforts.

View here >
JSNC Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund

The Japan Society of Northern California fund for Japan. 100 percent of donations will be provided to Give2Asia, a highly regarded San Francisco-based philanthropy, to support those efforts.

Donate here >
Sendai Earthquake Friends & Family Rebuild

Fellow JET Chris Doran has put together a charity, and starts it off with an all night trail race pledge drive.

View here >
Peace Boat

Volunteer Organization involved in relief efforts in Miyagi.

Read more here >

Information on how to Volunteer here >
Japan Primary Care Association

The PCA is working to send medical professionals and funds to the affected areas.

Read more here >
Creative Ways to send Support

Even if you don't have any money to spare, there are plenty of other ways to get involved and send good will to the people of Japan!

Hope Letters is collecting letters to send to the Japanese people, and needs translators.

3000 Letters to Japan is collecting letters and art to send to the children of Tohoku.

Japan Ganbare is collecting manga art for an upcoming exhibition.

Prayers from Cosplayers is collecting smiles and support from Japan's biggest fans.
Gamers Love Japan

Our friends in the gaming community share their love and support for Japan and the games developed there.

Watch and donate here >
Stories We Love
Stories and blogs from friends and others about what happened March 11th, and what the future holds.
Ann Curry, tweets help find woman missing in tsunami

Recap and Video of the TODAY Show's story about our Family.

Watch/Read here >
Still Don’t Believe in Social Media? @AnnCurry and @WednesdayWalsh Prove You Should

Twitter and Social Media help connect people through the disaster!

Read more here >
SJ Woman Who Was In Japan During Quake Starts Nonprofit For Victims

SF Appeal gives me and Save Miyagi some air time.

Read here >
Caitlin Churchill's Story

Caitlin, my successor in Minamisanriku, shares her experiences.

Read here >
Katie Oi's Story

Katie Oi, the English ALT for Utatsu in Minamisanriku, shares her story of the earthquake, tsunami, and her eventual return to Tokyo.

Read here >

See a video of the destruction around her town here >
Japan: post-tsunami, town wonders if to rebuild

In depth article looking at Minamisanriku and the rebuilding effort it faces.

Read it here >
Japan’s earthquake and tsunami: An American teacher’s account

Kesennuma's Jessica Besecker shares her account of the Tsunami.

Read here >
Ishinomaki JET Mike Luzia's Story

Our friend Mike is back in British Columbia, but he's already planning on going back to his town in Ishinomaki.

Read more here >
Miyagi JET post best, not 'pity fest'

Shichigahama JET Marti McElreath is committed to staying in her town to help out.

Read more here >
Drowning Hearts at Lady River

A group head from Tokyo to Onagawa, Ishinomaki, to bring socks to the evacuation centers. I remember how dirty my own socks became in just five days-- their efforts are greatly needed!

Read their story here >
Shizugawa Doctor named one time Time's 100 Most Influential People

Displaying bravery and dedication, Takeshi Kanno rescued his patients lives and stayed long after to help out. While his personal bravery is inspiring, he also stands as a representative of all the brave men and women who did all they could to save their fellow citizens that day.

Read more here >
Israel Defense Force - Soccer time!

The Israel Defense Force has not only set up a fully functional field hospital in Minamisanriku, but they've taken time out of their day to play with the local kids in Utatsu!

Watch here >
Badass of the Week - Hideaki Akaiwa

Incredible story of a real life hero overcoming everything, even the tsunami, to save family and others.

Read his amazing tale here >
Badass of the Week, Part 2 - Susumu Sugawara

A fisherman of Oshima Island, off of the Kesennuma bay, headed straight into the tsunami on his boat, risking his life to insure his community would have transportation to the mainland after.

Read more here >
Softbank's Son gives ¥10 billion to victims

The President of Softbank, one of the 3 major cellphone companies, personally donates 10 billion yen to victims and pledges to support orphans for the rest of his career. YEAH!

Read here >
Death and Survival in Iwate

Rikuzentakata's high school swim team lost all of its students except for who, who miraculously survived with only inches of air to breath.

Read more here >
Sendai Animal Shelter helps out

The owners of a canine care center, Dogwood, have taken it upon themselves to host all manner of animals until their owners can get back on their feet. Friends in Japan can donate directly.

Check it out here >
Tokyo Photographers - Tsunami photos and Relief Volunteering

Dee & Trace of 37 Frames share their thoughts and their beautiful photos of both the Tohoku area, and their experiences volunteering in Ishinomaki. Not just a great read, but their photos are both emotional and beautiful.

Read their initial reactions from Tokyo here >
Follow their trip to Ishinomaki here >
Nikkei Youth Network Volunteer Blog

Akira Uchimura shares his ongoing experiences as a volunteer in Ishinomaki.

Read here >
In Ishinomaki, Japan, stories of survival and loss

The Washington Post's article detailing the lives lost and saved in Ishinomaki that day.

Read here >

Quick-Thinking Principle saves students from tsunami

An Elementary school principle leads his students and towns people to safety in Yamamoto, Miyagi.

Read here >
7-year-old newspaper 'editor' revives optimism in shelters

Miss Risa is a student of my friends in Kesennuma and proves even the tiniest can make a big difference!

Read more here! >
Neighbors banded together to survive long hours adrift following tsunami

19 freezing hours adrift on their roofs, neighbors and friends keep each other strong. It sounds almost unbelievable, but when lost in the dark, all you have is other people.

Read more here >
Survivors strive to start picking up the pieces

Sentimental piece detailing people's struggles in several of the hard hit places.

Read here >
Boston Doctor rushes to aid quake-hit Kesennuma

N Stuart Harris left the safety of Tokyo and raced north to help victims just days after the tsunami.

Read more here >
Blogger Waterboy's trip to Minamisanriku

A personal report of bringing water to the many evacuation centers in Minamisanriku, plus some photos.

Read it here >
Reports from Minamisanriku

Volunteers document on twitter their thoughts and observations on the ground.

Read here >
Save Miyagi Newspaper (Japanese)

Suzuki (terupunn on twitter) has gathered tweets and other news about Miyagi on this great website!

View here >
Photos & Media
We've gathered the most meaningful and interesting photo collections and videos

Shiizugawa Elementary School Panorama


This amazing 360 photo is an instant reminder of why we all need to stay positive and focus on rebuilding.

View Shizugawa Elementary Evacuee Panorama >

View the Minamisanriku City Hall Panorama here >

Minamisanriku, Before and After

A look at the town in pictures, including one of my own photos.

View here >
In Focus: Japan - One Town's Fate

Denver Post shares some intense photos of Minamisanriku on the ground.

See them here >
Ishinomaki's Aftermath

JET Aaron Jarrod shares his moving and amazing photos of his neighborhood in Ishinomaki.

See them here >
Mainichi Daily News Photos

A large collection of moving and amazing photos from up and down the coast.

Click here to be taken to their page >
Above the Tsunami

Photos of the building before, during, and after where the Mayor of Minamisanriku and others clung for their lives. Incredible photos.

See them here >
Tsunami Sequence

A survivor has posted pictures of the tsunami as it came upon the town. You can see clearly how the initial wave of the tsunami was not extremely high, but because of the funnel like shape of the bay, it rose quickly.

See them here >
Satellite Before and After

Stunning photos juxtaposing the images of the healthy areas and the after math, taken by GeoEye and hosted by The New York Times.

Click to view >
Before and After from ABC

More photos, this time from ABC. Minamisanriku can be found on the second page.

Click here to view >
Tsunami hits Minamisanriku (Japanese)

Intense photos of the tsunami hitting, taken from 3 stories up.

View here >
Mr Oida's Photo Journey (Japanese)

A photographer has taken it upon himself to travel to the many evacuation centers and photograph the people and their messages. Myself and other ALTs have already found familiar faces among the photos, to our great relief. A really wonderful project!

View them here >
Kazuma Obara's Photo Blog

Mr Obara has traveled to evacuation centers all over Tohoku to capture evacuation life and the struggles and human toll of the disaster. It's pretty nice to see some familiar faces in his photos!

See them here >
Video - Youngest evacuee's cope through play

My students and others who have been evacuated to Tome are trying to keep upbeat and active at their evacuation center.
Watch here >
Video - Tsunami hits from Shizugawa High School

Steve's video that he took while the tsunami hit. Fair warning, it's a very hard video to watch.

See it here >
Video - Tsunami comes to Shizugawa High School

Another intense video, shot from the high school. Again you can see how powerful a role the river played in the destruction. Miraculously, the poster says that all the people running at the end of the video were rescued.

See it here >
Video - Remembering Utatsu

Katie's wonderful video tribute to her town, Utatsu, and the students she loves. A great look at how Utatsu was before the disaster, and assurance that no matter what the culture, Middle School is pretty silly!

Watch here >
Video - Utatsu Aftermath

A high quality video of Katie's town, Utatsu, days after the tsunami. At about the 4 minute mark, you can see where she used to live.

Watch it here >
Video - Heroes of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Miki Endo

The young woman responsible for the tsunami warning broadcast in Minamisanriku is still missing. I remember hearing her clear voice telling everyone to get to high ground.

Watch here >
Video - Taylor's Father in Ishinomaki

News coverage of Mr. Anderson visit to Ishinomaki and Taylor's schools.

View here >
Video - Israel Defense Force doctors treat woman with knee injury

The fully functional field hospital in Minamisanriku has been doing great things for the local people!

Watch here >
Video - Tsunami in Aomori

Even miles away in the most northern prefecture of the mainland, the tsunami's power is clearly something to behold.

Watch here >
Video - ShelterBox Tents

ShelterBox Tents provide much needed shelter and privacy.

View here >
Other Information
List of Evacuees (Japanese)

Incomplete list of evacuees organized by evacuation center.

View here >
What's needed in Minamisanriku (Japanese)

Here's a list of things they are running out of, including water, baby formula, batteries, shampoo, and even snacks for the kids.

Read here >
Minamisanriku Home Page (Japanese)

The town's website, complete with disaster image, and a look into how it used to be.

Read more here >