Tsunami Survivor Fund to Save Miyagi

Cranes for Japan

Hi there! Thanks for watching! As of today, March 10th, I've sent over 1700 cranes to 15 schools in Minamisanriku, Kesennuma, and Ishinomaki. I can't thank everyone enough for their hard work and kindness! 

Please check out my facebook album of some of the beautiful cranes we've received. 

You can email me at: cranes.for.tohoku@gmail.com 

Please send the cranes to:

Canon Purdy

720236 PO BOX

San Francisco, CA 94172

If you're outside the USA, email me and we can work something out!

Here are some links:

How to Make a Paper Crane:


How to Make A Crane Chain:


My story from MSNBC News:


News article on my trip back to Japan in August 2011


My charity, SaveMiyagi.org


My friend Taylor Anderson's Reading Corner's dedication ceremony:


Memorial fund for Taylor:


Check out my channel for some videos I took days after the tsunami. And make sure to spread the word! The more cranes, the better!

Thanks again!

Music by Yuji Nomi