Tsunami Survivor Fund to Save Miyagi
New Links!

Hi everyone! The weather here in San Jose has taken a turn for the cold, but I'm holding out for Spring!

The big earthquake Thursday certainly shook things up, but the it looks like there wasn't any major damage. We're so thankful for that, and I wish mother nature would give Japan a break!

I have a big update coming for you soon, but please check out some of the interesting links I've found this week!

~We now have a FACEBOOK GROUP! Other members have already shared great events and links from around the globe. Please join!

~Our friends at Teachers for Japan now have a working paypal link! Please check out their website! We're working together towards a common goal of rebuilding for education!

~For those of you in the Bay Area, I have two great links for you! One is a list of Bay Area restaurants that are contributing to the relief effort. This is a great way to support Japan while treating yourself to some of the great food out here! So please, raise a glass to our friends!

~Also, for movie buffs, New People Entertainment is hosting a charity movie screening of Taste of Tea. Come and enjoy this Cannes Film Festival movies, all proceeds will go to the relief effort.

And now for some news stories connected to Minamisanriku--

Above the Tsunami.
This Japanese blog shows photos of the Mayor and others clinging to a building during the tsunami. The pictures are unbelievable.

This is the building from where Miki Endo announced the tsunami's approach. She is still missing and they believe she stayed on the loud speaker until it was too late. I remember hearing her voice clearly.

Japan quake's youngest victims cope through play. This article & video were taken in Tome, where Caitlin and my students have evacuated. It's such a relief to see their faces!

Lensman braved tsunami. Minamisanriku's very own Shinichi Sato! He's responsible for documenting the student's lives and making their yearbooks, and his eldest son was supposed to graduate the day after the earthquake. His family is well and his sons did him proud by helping everyone at the evacuation centers!

Japan Aid Delegation Members and Local Children Partake in Recreational Activities Together. The Israel Defense Force not only set up a fully functional field hospital in Minamisanriku, they are taking the time to play with the children at evacuation centers. They're shown playing here with Katie's students in Utatsu. So great!

I've just started going back to work for a couple days a week, which means I'll have plenty of time to keep SaveMiyagi going.

Please check back soon and thank you again for your continued support!


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