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Thank you letters

Hello everyone! I've just sent off a couple thank you letters for some very kind people! It's been great hearing people's support and curiosity about both SaveMiyagi and about the Tohoku area.

I've posted more links and a few more events, so please check them out! But I wanted to bring special attention to a couple.

Yahoo News has a great in-depth article about Minamisanriku, detailing the lives of a few citizens and their thoughts. I really encourage you to give it a read!

Denver Post has some amazing photos on their Photo Blog of Minamisanriku.

People on Facebook are making origami cranes to show their love and support of Taylor Anderson and other JETs.

I also found two very exciting and interesting news updates about Minamisanriku schools!

The first details the plans for Shizugawa High School and its students.  Basically, as Shizugawa HS is out of power/water, it and 3 other high schools in the Miyagi school district have been deemed unusable. Students from those schools will be moved to neighboring schools. The students from Shizugawa will be sent to schools in the inland town of Tome and officials will see if Shizugawa HS can be used in the future. The other schools will hopefully be rebuilt later on new sites.

The second details plans for the Togura Elementary and Middle School students.  Togura is a small part of Minamisanriku that was hit very hard by the Tsunami and both school buildings suffered damage. Caitlin Churchill was at Togura Middle school when the tsunami came and she and the students, teachers and towns people had to run into the hills. The article states that the students will all be transferred to local schools in Tome and hopefully be able to start classes again in May or summer. Officials will see if it's worth rebuilding the schools in the coming year. The article also states that Natori Elementary school students (in Utatsu, where Katie Oi lived) will share classes with Isatomae Elementary in Utatsu, which suffered minor damage from the tsunami.

Wonderful news that the students will be able to go back to school! Both articles stress that these choices were made based on the importance of students' education and their quality of life.

What it means for Save Miyagi is that our efforts may go towards rebuilding a school sometime down the line, even as late as next year. Or, if they choose not to rebuild the schools, we would focus our efforts on supporting students as they commute to school. I've contacted the mayor and my old supervisor at the Board of Education and asked them to direct us where we are most needed.

But I want to let all of YOU know that it is still very early and the last thing I want to become is a burden to them, so I've also stressed to them to take their time in responding. That means we may have more time to wait until we can act, but I want to reassure everyone that no matter what, we will put our full support behind Minamisanriku and Miyagi.

Thank you so much for reading and for all your support. I'm going to create a section soon to show off Minamisanriku and Miyagi BEFORE the disaster to give you all an idea of how lucky we were to have lived there.

Thanks again! Have a great weekend.


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