Tsunami Survivor Fund to Save Miyagi
Back to Japan!

Hi everyone!

I've safely made it to Japan, and yesterday I attended a memorial service for the student and teacher at Togura Junior High School, as well as the school's much belated graduation ceremony. It was great to see all the kids again and give them a proper graduation. We were able to hold it in their old school, which had suffered tsunami damage, but the teachers and volunteers had cleaned it up! 

It was my first time to that part of the town since the tsunami, and it was quiet a shock. For some reason, most of the debris had been carried back to sea, so there were far fewer standing structures than in Shizugawa. The debris that was left was starting to be overgrown by weeds, which made the whole disaster seem so much further in the past. 

I met briefly with my supervisor and we plan on discussing the SaveMiyagi money in the next couple of days, when I go back to visit Shizugawa proper. That will be my first time back there, and it should be very interesting. 

I'll post some pictures soon, and will have more information about SaveMiyagi's plans! 

Next, I'll visit Kesennuma and friends up north. 

Stay tuned. Thanks again for all your support!

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