Tsunami Survivor Fund to Save Miyagi
A few events and a few articles

Hello everyone!

A few updates before I get to the big one...

Bay Area Artists are having a benefit next weekend, April 28th to the 30th. Please come and show your support for not only Japan, but for our talented and caring local artists! My sister Megan will be there to represent us. Check it out!!

Along the same lines, please check out Etsy artist Kenji's Light of Hope Sale, starting April 25th. All proceeds will go towards music therapy for survivors.

Etsy artists all over are coming together to help. Check out their teams here.

Once again, I've added more links and videos on the Links page. Here are the extra-special ones;

Our friends at Teachers for Japan received some press recently! Be sure to check them out! http://www.teachersforjapan.org/

Another GREAT relief effort has gone up, The Fruit Tree Project! Paul Yoo, an Akita Prefecture Jet, is personlly organizing an effort to get fresh fruit to the evacuation centers. While most centers have the basics of food handled, fresh fruit is in high demand! This is a wonderful, personal effort that is much needed. Please donate directly at their website before April 29th; they accept bank transfers for those in Japan, and paypal for everyone outside.

A few articles about Minamisanriku;

Miki Endo and another hero, Takeshi Miura, are still missing. They worked at their posts warning people of the tsunami until the very end.

Takahiro Inomata is working as the Volunteer Organizer at the Bayside Arena. His wife is still missing, however they have found a body that could be hers. He has been working without stop to organize and lead the volunteers, waiting for confirmation. He says that his wife was a hard worker, and if he didn't work hard too, she would be angry. (Article in Japanese)

Students in the evacuation centers have been working on cleaning, repairing, and assembling toy models for the relief effort. Go kids!! (Article in Japanese)

Maruuo Oikawa's fish shop is open for business! Shizugawa octopus is famous throughout Japan, and I know people will be so glad to taste it again.

And lastly, tantricdragon on Youtube has composed a song for Minsamisaniriku. It's a lovely tribute to the town, and I can only hope that they can rebuild to be an inspiration again.

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